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  • 1975 - Judith Palmer

    This is the year we began...not more than 20 of us. I was totally sweapt up in the excitement of making music with Cathy Roma and the other that meant something so germane to the new ways of seeing myself as a woman, the explosion of new possibilities. It was a thrill to feel like we were on the cutting edge and filling the vacuum of music for and about women. The choir empowered me.

  • 1978 - Wendy Caplin, Libby Harman, Marcie Horowitz, Judith Stern

    "When we made the music, the world stopped to listen"--Kay Gardner's lyrics say it all. Being in Anna during the late 70's was electrifying! We sang a wide variety of music to empower women and others who struggle to survive in this world. Cathy Roma had an incredible vision and passion that infused the choir with excitement hope. As first altos in the first feminist women's choir in the USA, we are all so grateful and proud to have been a part of this herstory.

  • 1979 - Tara Swartz

    1979 is the year I graduated from Philadelphia High School for Girls, where I received a wonderful education in a school that helped young women to become strong and independent. Girls High still rocks!

  • 1983 - Heidi Syropoulos

    The year I married my fabulous husband and partner for life!

  • 1988 - James Rowe

    This is the year my life changed forever!! A huge thank you to two friends and former Anna's - Liz & Cathy Clark - who introduced me to the most amazing group of women ever, Anna Crusis Women's Choir!

  • 1989 - Deborah Stearns

    In 1989, I met my best friend and beloved partner, Eryq, graduated from college, started graduate school, and joined Anna Crusis Women's Choir. It was a big year for me!

  • 1990 - Janis Brodie, Laura Hinds, and Genie Floyd

    We claim 1990 to celebrate the many women who for 4 decades have gone to the meetings, debated the issues, and created the process by which Anna organizes herself. Our Anna-process journey began in 1990 with Janis and Genie serving on the "Lesbian in the 1st 2 sentences of the Mission Statement” committee, and ended in 2005 after years working on both the Paid Personnel Committee and the Board with Laura. Anna's gift to us: our lifelong friendship.

  • 1992 - Valerie Wald

    Graduated from law school, moved to Philly, started a judicial clerkship, AND began my one season singing with the Annas!

  • 1994 - Leona Busulas, Jackie Coren, Lawrie Hurtt, and Genie Floyd

    In the early 1990's a small group of Annas traveled periodically to NYC to study Balkan music with beloved teacher and performer Ethel Raim. We claim the year 1994 to honor Ethel, and to celebrate the many women of Anna Crusis who established and maintained the Anna tradition of singing Balkan music in full choir and small group performances over four decades. What a joyous and full-voiced experience! "Keh duba duba keh keh! "

  • 1995 - Helen Sherman, Genie Floyd, Tracy Feld, and Shelley Krause

    In 1995 the Anna Crusis video "As Speech Flows To Music" premiered at International House Philadelphia as well as being screened during Anna’s 20th anniversary weekend. We claim the year 1995 to celebrate the many women who participated in the yearlong planning, production, and presentation of this video. For more information on this wonderful project, please talk to one of us, or visit

  • 1996 - Linda Donnelly

    This was my first spring concert. So exciting to walk into a packed crowd on their feet cheering us. I'd like to honor Jane Hulting - her artistry made every performance a thrilling opportunity to make some magic. My mom and my son, as well an many friends, were in the audience and I was so proud to be a part of Anna. BTW - I still am!!

  • 1999 - Laura Grassia

    1999 is the year I left the nest and started Immaculata College. I found out what independence tasted like and busted through my shy shell. I found my soul through singing. I found my voice by cultivating my public speaking skills through student leadership. I found myself and wouldn't be the woman I am today without that time.

  • 2000 - Genie Floyd, Linda Donnelly, Anne Cummings, Monika Kruemmling, and Phyllis Rosenberg

    In July 2000 Anna Crusis sang "Mrs. Harold Righteousbomber" to a wonderfully-appreciative audience at the GALA VI Choral Festival in San Jose, CA. We claim the year 2000 to celebrate the musical marvel that is Judith Palmer, and to honor the many women who have sung in Judith's BeautyShop Quartets/Quintets/Sextets/small-groups over the last four decades. Write on! ... sing on! ... Judith!

  • 2003 - Jennifer Cain

    Dedicated to the beautiful, rich, loving and powerful women of Diva -- Heather, Jennifer, Claire, DonnaMarie, Basia, and Barb.  You welcomed me, helped to heal me, and brought music, joy and laughter back into my life.  You are the most amazing women and from those first small steps, I entered into ANNA world to meet many additional amazing women.  Though most of the Divas have gone separate ways now --  all of you remain one in my heart and memory.

  • 2004 - Elayne Aion & Joan Liehe

    GALA 2004 was the culmination of one of our most challenging AND joyous years. We'd joined in 2003 immediately after Joan was diagnosed with breast cancer. We could not believe the love and support we received from our new Anna sisters. Going to Montreal with these sisters filled us with so much love, gratitude and joy. They will always live in our hearts.

  • 2005 - Helen Sherman, Judith Palmer, Leona Busulas, and Genie Floyd

    2005 was Anna's 30th anniversary, and Jane Hulting's 22nd and last year as Artistic Director of the choir. We claim the year 2005 to celebrate the ongoing work of decades of women … most notably Helen Sherman …in gathering, organizing, and preserving Anna archival materials. We request that you become a part of this tradition by submitting original/copies of your Anna photos, recordings, programs, etc. to add to Anna's growing archives. Tell your Anna story. We will help preserve it.
  • 2007 - Kim Singleton

    In November of 2007, I met my beloved, Miriam Davidson at a MUSE concert in Cincinnati, Ohio called "Rapt in Love"....and I was...rapt in love. So grateful for the life we have together.
  • 2014 - Miriam Davidson

    October of this year was my wedding to my sweetheart Kim. It was something I never imagined possible and was the most fabulous time. I am so very grateful for our life together.

  • 2015 - James Rowe

    Happy 40th Anniversary to all of the fabulous women who have lent their time and talents to Anna Crusis Women's Choir!


    your biggest fan and friend,

    James Rowe

Miriam Davidson

Artistic Director

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